2015 Prospects looking great.
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The early signs for 2015 are looking very promising.

Movement in the foreign exchange rates are helping Sterling clientele with affordability and we are seeing increasingly strong interest from northern European countries and increasing interest from Scandinavian countries.

As I write this we have agreed sales on 3 villas already this month with a couple more in the pipeline which will finish January with close to a million Euros in sales which is a record in this traditionally quiet month.

Our new and innovative advertising campaigns have been proven worthwhile and Hondon Valley Homes yet again leads the way in adopting a more modem and proactive approach to selling properties. Long gone are the are the old methods of selling properties favored by traditional agencies stuck in their ways and a new more modern customer focused approach to finding the right property is paying dividends. 

We have many exciting things happening in 2015. Watch this space for updates throughout the early part of the year.