Certificate of Energy Efficiency
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On 1st June 2013 a new law will be introduced that makes it compulsory for property owners to obtain a Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE) in order to sell or rent a property. Basically, selling or renting your home will be no different than buying a fridge freezer, certified information must be provided to the prospective buyer or renter about how energy efficient the property is. All flats and houses built after November 2007 should already have a certificate stating how efficient they are in terms of energy use. However, for those built before that date it will be necessary to contract the services of a professional company that will carry out the study and produce the certificate.


This certificate presents the information graphically via a colour-coded scale from A to G, similar to the labels that you can find on electrical appliances in stores. The certificate will be valid for a period of 10 years, however a homeowner can voluntarily decide to request a new certificate before the 10-year period expires. If you want to sell or rent your home then you’ll be requested to provide the certificate. Your home won’t be required to meet a certain standard (there is no fail level , just different grades).


We have interviewed several companies and our recommendation is Mayka Mira the Architect who is based in Frailes. She speaks English, is local, she is known to many of our customers and her prices are better than the other quotes received. The average cost is expected to be approximately 250€ plus IVA.


She can be contacted on


Mayka Mira Architect: Tel: 667 429 419

email: myk100@hotmail.com


(You are of course free to use which ever company you wish to and we will pass you details of other approved companies should you wish).


The survey takes about one hour to conduct and includes the full measurement of the property, orientation of the property and the measurement of all windows, construction qualities and heating and cooling systems. This information is then entered into a government system which awards you a grading between A and G. There is no fail grade. The report will also include assistance in raising your grade by two levels if possible.


A CEE must be obtained before a property is marketed and the information must be included in all advertising and agents websites . The certificate must also be produced at the signing of the contract of sale at the Notary. No property built before 2007 can be sold without this certificate.  Rentals, including holiday lets, must make a certificate available to tenants. Agents cannot legally offer properties for rent or sale without a certificate.