New 20€ notes hits the street this week
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THE new-style €20 note will be in circulation in Spain from Wednesday this week, and will reflect the design of the recently-introduced €5 and €10 banknotes.

This includes a watermark, and a 'window' with a portrait in it when held up to the light.

The new €20 note is the third in the series and, gradually, all denominations will be replaced across the Eurozone – the next will be the €50, the €100, the €200 and then the €500.

But the impact of the new €20 will be greater, since it is the most-used note in Spain and, in fact, in Europe as a whole, meaning a very high quantity of them will need to be stored in cashpoint machines.

Shops in Spain have had to adjust their anti-forgery checking machines to ensure the new €20 will be recognised.

In the meantime, although teething problems may occur, shopkeepers will do their best to minimise them and the 'old' €20 notes remain legal tender.